EU Honcho: Time to ‘Regulate’ Media

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Deciding what is “unacceptable”

Y’know, covering news is just no fun anymore. Which one of dozens of equally depressing stupid stories do you blog about? Well, let’s try this one…

The “European Commissioner for Justice, Consumers, and Gender Equality” (oh, brother) says it may soon become necessary for government to “regulate” the media to keep out “hate” and “exclusion” and “a bad version of nationalism” ( In fact, she says, government had better draw up plans for “smart regulation” of the things that people write.

Be very, very afraid of anything a leftid pitches to you as “smart.” And watch out when they talk about “justice,” too. Because their “justice” ain’t so just.

The media, you see, says the European Commissioner for Justice, Consumers, and Gender Equality, is very important in “defining the limits of what is unacceptable in a society.” Hoo, boy. Would you want Keith Olbermann or Rachel Maddow, or any other noozie jackanapes, deciding what would be “unacceptable” in our society? I’m sure they have equally nauseating counterparts in Europe.

Except under God, liberty is most emphatically not the natural condition of mankind–and these varmints certainly don’t see themselves as being under God. Someone’s always trying to devour our liberties.

And someone always has to stop them.

4 comments on “EU Honcho: Time to ‘Regulate’ Media

  1. Shelby Steele, the African-American at the Hoover Institute, wrote in a column today how the Left have run out of nemesis so has now turn to hate to promote their collective world-view.

    Ben Shapiro had a Sunday night election special on Fox in which he explained very ably the difference between justice and social justice (it’s on Youtube).

    Another thing of interest: This Thursday is the hearing for Kavanaugh and his accuser (if she has the gall to even show up). And exactly 40 days later is the November mid-term elections – hmmmmm.

    1. My thoughts on Kavanaugh issue have been pretty much the same, whiterabbit. More than a little suspicious . . .

  2. It astounds me how evil can pop up in so many guises, but blather the same old nonesense and be taken seriously by whichever acolytes are up for grabs. You’d think people would realize that this is the same old nonsense that the Nazis, Soviets and numerous other groups have spouted.

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