Why Does Netflix Push Teen Suicide?

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There is vileness in our popular culture that defies rational explanation. Like, for instance, Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why, whose purpose seems to be to persuade young people to commit suicide.

The American Family Assn. has a petition asking Netflix to cancel the series (https://www.afa.net/who-we-are/press-releases/2018/warnings-about-netflix-s-13-reasons-why/). If you click the link, you can find out how you can sign the petition. AFA president Tim Wildmon has also requested a meeting with the Netflix CEO, but Netflix turned him down.

Netflix is also famous for its recent airing of “A Star-Spangled Salute to Abortion.”

Anyway, Season 2 of 13 Reasons is coming up, sort of geared to the back-to-school season. Season 1 ended with a 3-minute-long graphic depiction of a teenaged girl committing suicide.

In real life, a 14-year-old girl killed herself after watching 13 Reasons.

In addition to justifying suicide, 13 Reasons serves up a full menu of sex, crime, violence, and perversion. All of it pitched to teens.

Why do we have this in our culture? Who has decided that we need it?

We’re running out of “What next?” scenarios. There almost is no “what next.” I don’t even feel I’m on safe ground by saying Hollywood has not yet endorsed serial murder: I may have missed something along those lines.

One does not murder the culture with impunity. Kill the culture, and it will kill you back.

Hollywood, colleges and looniversities, teachers’ unions, public schools, and liberals are working tirelessly, unceasingly, to kill our culture piece by piece. I don’t know why they do it, what they hope to gain. I can only believe the entire enterprise from top to bottom is satanic in its origin.

Because I just can’t see the benefit of this to anybody.

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  1. “In addition to justifying suicide, 13 Reasons serves up a full menu of sex, crime, violence, and perversion.”

    That probably describes the majority of shows on Netflix. We are far too focused on entertainment. It’s not even edifying entertainment, but mind-numbing entertainment.

  2. Lee, it is indeed satanic how our civilization is being taken down. I look at magazines about the “good old days” for scrap book inspiration and I see a glaring fact: the Judeo-Christian base that our lives were built upon (whether “religious” or not) really held us together and gave direction and guidance because of boundaries that were set. People were more respectful, thoughtful, minding their manners because that’s what was expected. It was the general consensus. That base has been eroded now and the “anything goes” attitude is prevalent. And it is motivated by our defeated foe. Jesus was right about human beings. We are like sheep that need a shepherd. The Good Shepherd is being pushed away in favor of following the prince of darkness who hates the created human being that God so loves. He’s the destroyer who do all he can to do just that.

  3. It benefits Satan and His plan to debase mankind lower and lower until total chaos takes place where we all become cannibals who hunt one another to the death – hey, a great movie script for NetFlix

  4. Jeremiah, our weeping prophet, in his book of Lamentations, saw this coming and wept about it then.

    Population control, by whatever means necessary and effective, is Satan’s goal and has been since the Garden. He hates mankind. We are the only creation by God made in His image and likeness. Satan wants that spot,

    We fell asleep. Satan didn’t.

  5. Netflix was, for a time, a haven of documentaries and interesting content with a great delivery system, technically speaking. Then they started creating content of their own and seem bent on outdoing the worst mistakes of the TV networks and movie studios. I dropped them a few years ago, and have no interest in returning as a customer.

  6. ‘I can only believe the entire enterprise from top to bottom is satanic in its origin.’

    Yesterday I opened Netflix looking for something to watch and someone who was with me said pretty much the same thing.

    You just need to look at the sort of films that they are promoting to know that Netflix has a satanic agenda.

    Finding decent films on Netflix is like picking coins out of a gutter.

  7. I don’t mean to disagree as I can see both sides but. That girl knew the show was about suicide. It was an 18 show and if she was 14?she shouldn’t have been watching it. Before and after every episode it talks about suicide prevention and someone to call. She was probably already depressed and if not that doesn’t make sense because the show wasn’t depressing it was about a teenage girl trying to make people pay for what they did (kind of)
    Again I can see both sides but I don’t think Netflix should take it down because they warned you at the start of the episode about the graphic scene and again it’s an 18. It’s also not a bad show. Xxxx love your blogs

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