You Can’t Be a Christian and a Humanist

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Unlimited government–it always works!

Over the years, I’ve found “the Humanist Manifesto II” highly enlightening when it comes to trying to understand the often bizarre practices and beliefs of this current age. As a world view, humanism has a lot to answer for. Replacing the all-righteous God with fat-headed, fallible men is never going to turn out well.

“Choosing the Curse” is part of a series I wrote a few years ago, for the Chalcedon magazine, on the baneful effects of the philosophy so clearly laid out in Humanist Manifesto II.

This is the pseudo-religion that seeks to replace Christianity and literally dominate the world, through science and an all-powerful state.

If you can think of anything more nightmarish than that, please let me know.

7 comments on “You Can’t Be a Christian and a Humanist

  1. Good article, Lee. Humanists are completely insane and don’t even know it. The only ones who can be Christians are those born-again by God’s sovereign grace and putting their faith in Christ alone – all others claiming His Name are impostors.

    President Trump at the U.N. today let the nations of this world know the USA is against globalism and socialism, and for patriotism and for each country trying to make itself great.

    Congrats to Elijah for winning the comments contest!!

    I have been in the hospital from complications in removing my gall bladder. I am thankful to be back home and on the mend. I missed a lot of good posts so I have a lot of catching up to do.

    1. It was suppose to be a routine out-patient procedure – God had other plans. I was tested if I could give thanks to God for all things. Although my hospital stay was a nightmare, I managed to look for the good He was causing. Going without food and water for 32 hours is no fun 🙂

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