By Request, ‘Alpha and Omega’

Joshua requested this–Alpha and Omega by the Gaither Vocal Band. Lots of brio in this worship song! I especially like the intro, words of Revelation set to music.

P.S.–Our Esteemed Colleague Joshua has just started his own blog, so let’s see how many views and comments we can give him, to get it launched.

5 comments on “By Request, ‘Alpha and Omega’

  1. Thank you!
    My blog will be a simple one, but it will be a good practice for me if I’m going to be better at computers, which is going to be needed in this high-tech era.
    And thank you, Mr. Duigon, for the first comment!

  2. Beautiful! Thank you Lee and Joshua. I’ll be visiting your blog, Joshua – as health permits. These past couple of days have been quite a blessing!

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