‘Humanist Religion (1): The Humanists’ God’ (2015)

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I don’t think it’s possible to understand anything that’s happening these days without understanding that humanism is a religion whose adherents seek to impose it on the world.


Nowhere is this laid out more clearly than in the Humanist Manifesto II. There is a Humanist Manifesto III, but it takes pains to say it does not supersede Manifest No. 2.

Question: Why is it that every pack of howling idiots has a “manifesto”?

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  1. They mention all the things science will do. In the 20th century they thought infectious diseases would be a thing of the past, but that hasn’t panned out. Science has become a religion with a priesthood, and their own false prophets.

  2. “Why is it that every pack of howling idiots has a “manifesto”? It’s their “bible”, written as an order and a threat from a higher authority – theirs.

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