California Needs an Exorcism

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Not in California it ain’t…

How do we explain this latest California abomination?

This week the state government enacted a law that allows any person to “aid, advise, and encourage” suicide ( Those actions, until just the other day, used to be felonies. Now they’re virtues.

Now, maybe it’s just my wild imagination, but I can see teens with a screw loose competing with each other, on youtube, to see who can get the most other teens to off themselves. It’d be a “Youtube Challenge,” like eating detergent pods. Nor does it require an awful lot of stretching to imagine alleged adults doing this.

Kids could even get together–as a team, like–to try to persuade some other kid to kill herself.

This was passed by California’s state legislature, Democrats, of course, and signed into law the next day by the governor, another Democrat.

If this is not Satan-inspired, I don’t know what is. Because I can’t think of any need or reason for it. Can you?

(Thanks to Linda for the news tip)

8 comments on “California Needs an Exorcism

  1. There seems to be only one word I can think of to describe such abomination. Evil. Plain and simple. Satan’s idea of a good time.

  2. If it’s “involuntary” it’s not suicide. Sicker and sicker… It’s astounding how many people satan is winning over. No wonder the door to salvation is so narrow.

  3. More and more politics reflect the spiritual battle that is going on for humanity. It is becoming more blatant everyday.

  4. The insanity continues. It is like the Left was given an LSD-like drug that has done permanent damage to their brains. It reminds me of the scene from History Channels “Genius” series on Pablo Picasso. Young Picasso & Matisse are sitting in a cafe next to a window overlooking a busy street, and they talk about zeroing in on the point of perspective in order to draw it away and everything else with it to destroy perspective. Then they revel in their desire to break all the painting rules of lines, texture, tone, color, etc. and reinvent painting. The leaders of the Left may think they are reinventing a new way living life, but it is only the old way of decadent civilizations that have preceded ours and are no no more.

    1. That’s a good way to put it. Their idea of “reinventing” something new is destroying some old and creating chaos.

    2. First they create the problem, then they offer themselves as the only ones who can fix it. The result usually looks like Venezuela.

  5. This is truly horrid. This goes beyond assisted suicide and, for all intents and purposes, legalizes murder, under certain circumstances.

    I believe it’s Satanic, but there’s a complex twist to it that comes to mind. The Baby Boom generation, in its youth, was libertine. Then, in the ‘80s, things changed a bit and there was a degree of calm. But the libertine behavior of fifty years ago has come back with a vengeance and a cherry on top. It seems sudden, but I think it’s been building for years and just reached a tipping point.

    Now we’re back to the “anything goes” mentality of the late sixties and onward. It’s easy to forget, but by the early seventies, things had gotten very bad. There was flaunting of many moral laws. When I was in my teens and early twenties, it was assumed that most young people used drugs and were promiscuous. It was a pretty horrible time when even children were not afforded full protection from sexual exploitation, because there were elements in society which believed that it didn’t matter.

    In a sense, I think that the birds of fifty years ago are coming home to roost.

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