Zillionaire Comedian: ‘Say Yes to Socialism’

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You really have to wonder about the mental state of someone who says we have to dump the economic system that has made America the freest and most prosperous country in world history and take up socialism instead. But that’s what alleged comedian Jim Carrey told a Democrat audience last month on Bill Maher’s TV show (https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2018/09/10/jim-carrey-tells-democrats-we-have-say-yes-socialism/?utm_term=.fa6462afd145). As reported by the Democrat house organ, The Washington Post.

“We have to say yes to socialism,” said the star of Liar, Liar. “We have to stop apologizing,” he counseled Democrats. Go all out for socialism, he said, because socialism will give the American people “a government that cares about them.”

We don’t need no stinkin’ Constitution.

Socialist/Democrat icon Bernie Sanders defines socialism as a form of government in which the government, for all practical purposes, owns all the goods and services produced in the country and decides how to distribute their rewards.

He didn’t say anything about socialist countries running out of food, toilet paper, and free speech.

Yo, Jimbo–name a multi-millionaire comedian who lives and works in Venezuela, Cuba, or North Korea.

Is it even necessary to say that big, swollen, massive government fails catastrophically wherever it exists? Do Democrats think the Soviet Union failed because they didn’t serve enough petit-fours on bridge night in the gulags?

Please, please, please–never again let this party take power in America.

Because you’ll be awfully sorry if you do.

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  1. I was ambivalent towards Jim Carrey until I saw him in “Comedians in cars getting coffee” with Jerry Seinfeld, when he stood on the upholstery in a café with his dirty shoes. He could apparently do it with impunity because he was a rich celebrity. Now I am not so ambivalent anymore.

  2. Lee this is an outright lie: “I grew up in Canada, okay? We have socialized medicine. I’m here to tell you that this bulls— line that you get on all of the political shows is that it is a failure; the system is a failure in Canada. It is not a failure in Canada,” Carrey said. “I never waited for anything in my life. I chose my own doctors. My mother never paid for a prescription. It was fantastic.” Not one word of this is true. Every day in BC there is a news story about how people are dying because they are forced to wait on serious surgery queues up to 3 months long. These include people who could afford to pay for a private doctor/hospital, but these are not allowed to exist.

    Jim Carrey was always a horse’s ass and a terrible actor. There is nothing funny about this smug, Satanic dupe.

    The only good news is that if the Democratic Party adopts his “strategy” it is more likely to fail. I refuse to believe that over half of the American electorate will back unabashed “socialist” candidates. The best case scenario would be a bitter fight within the party between “Bernie Sanderites” and the “slightly less retarded folks.”

    1. Ask our friend Cormier how long he had to wait for his operation. He needed in January and finally got it in April–and probably lucky to get it then.

      Far, far be it from the Washington Post to question any of Mr. Liar, Liar’s assertions.

    2. Cormier is most certainly our friend. He is the kind of person who is a friend to all. He persists with his gentle witness despite any and all brickbats hurled at him. Personally, I am very happy for his luck. And I am outraged, and frightened, that he needed luck to begin with. I tell you what, in Korea they have more doctors and hospitals than they know what to do with. Almost all employers pay 50% of employee health insurance. I tell you what, this translated to me paying six (6) dollars per visit, not just to a G.P., but also to any specialist! In addition, we can just make an appointment to see any specialist we choose. We don’t have to rely on this Nanny State notion that we “require a referral.” The best part: no waiting. Zero waiting. Same day service, every day.

      This is one of the aspects I miss most about my 11 years in Korea.

  3. When my doctor informed me I had a sick gall bladder, it was on a Tuesday. That Thursday he took it out – that’s the American health system! Watch some of Jim Carey Youtube videos of late and you will see for yourself this man has gone looney-toons. He thinks he doesn’t really exist, only the universe does – huh????

    1. The most pitiable aspect of his love for socialized medicine is his delusion that it’s free, you don’t have to pay for it.

      Then again, there’s a reason why this Canada-booster doesn’t live and work in his beloved Canada. Think it might have something to do with taxes?

    2. That was my reaction; if things are so great in Canada, why are you here, Mr. Carrey? The man has never impressed me all that much except for that movie where he played himself, Dumb and Dumber. 🙂

  4. Socialized medicine derives from the notion that “we” deserve “free” health care. There is no such thing as free health care. What is my incentive to stop smoking, not drink to excess, exercise regularly, eat well, and work hard for a living if I know ahead of time my neighbor is going to be forced to pay my medical bills? That is plain insanity. I was in Korea for 11 years and in all that time, I might have seen five (5) fat people. I have been back in Canada for six months and I tell you 80% of the people in my town are fat. Half of these are obese, and the rest are morbidly obese. Now glossy fashion magazines show photos of grossly obese “fashion models” because we all know “fat shaming” is a hate crime. Who recalls the dictum “ad astra” in Canada? Nowadays we follow a different star. “Reach for the bottom,” I call it.

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