Encore, ‘Revive Us Again’

I’m posting this yesterday so it will appear today, while I’m taking Patty to the doctor. She’s already getting cold feet because she feels a bit better today, so I don’t know. I’ll make ready to go and pray for the best. Please, everybody, pray for us.

Meanwhile, here’s Nathan and Lyle from Denton County Texas, with auto harp and guitar and Revive Us Again, one of my favorite hymns. I once whistled it to a couple of deer and they seemed to like it, too.

P.S.–Well, I managed to make a hash of that, so tomorrow’s hymn is appearing today, and I have to try to set up today’s hymn to appear tomorrow. *Sigh*

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  1. Praying for you two now. May the Lord uplift and guide and make all things right in Jesus’ name.

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