More Startled Cats

This is an expanded version of the cat video “Weavingword” sent us earlier today. True, some of these cats were spooked by naughty human beings. But before we break out the violins, we see they also like to do it to each other–and sometimes to themselves.

My cat, Buster, if you chanced to move your shoe as he walked past you, would get so startled, he’d practically do a somersault. And then he’d try to make like nothing at all had happened, nothin’ to see here, folks, I’m cool, I wasn’t scared a bit. That act was funnier than the somersault.

3 comments on “More Startled Cats

  1. Lends creedance to my theory that cats can actually levitate, they just try to not let us see it happening, but occasionally they lapse.

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