Cockatiel Cocktail

I’ve never had a pet bird, not even a canary or a parakeet; but I love watching videos of cockatiels. They’ve got personality! And note the cozy relationships between birds and dogs, birds and cats–another little peek into what God has in store for us, way down the road.

7 comments on “Cockatiel Cocktail

  1. My Yellow Cheeked Red Lored Amazon Parrot had so much personality! I had him for 30 years and now he lives with my great niece in West Palm, FL. What a charmer! He talked some, but not as much as many others. And he may have been the first true Jimmy Buffett Parrot Head. He loved dancing to Jimmy Buffett music 🙂 And you should have seen him in the shower! He would lift his wings one at a time to be sure he got his ‘underarms’ clean lol. He slept with me too. You’d think that was a problem but he never pooped on me. When he had to go he would run around on my tummy to wake me. I would put him in his cage momentarily and he would do his business and we would head right back to the covers 🙂 Amazon Parrots live long lives – many live 80 to 150 years!

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