‘Time Traveler Wrecks Two Businesses–and His Car’ (2015)

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Remember this one, from three years ago? Thinking to drive through a “time portal,” some poor wacko in Florida crashed his car into one store and then through the wall into another before it finally stopped.


Yes, he told police he was trying to time-travel. I don’t know what kind of answer he expected. “Oh, well, in that case, my boy, let me just tear up this ticket! A little time-traveling mishap can happen to anyone!”

How scared would we be if we knew exactly how many really loopy people are running around loose out there? And what do you suppose it is that’s making them so loopy?

I’m putting my money on a culture that has cut its moorings to God.

P.S.–At least one reader thought this item was a satire. It’s not.

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  1. I love time travel stories. A favorite fantasy of mine is being able to go back to my childhood and know what I know now and then relive my life. The main reason I would like to do this is to be a better son to my dad and mom (not that I was, but I did not appreciate and respect them as I should have).

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