Memory Lane: ‘Supercar’

Back in 1962, all the 8-year-olds in my neighborhood ran around singing the theme song from Supercar, a kids’ TV show starring wooden puppets. Anybody out there remember it? C’mon! Mike Mercury behind the wheel of Supercar! You don’t remember that?

Watch carefully, then see if you can answer the question, “What’s wrong with this picture?” I mean, talk about cutting corners on a special effect–!

My brother had a model of a car that, like Supercar, was supposed to ride on downward-thrusting jets of air rather than wheels. You made it do that by blowing through a rubber tube. Alas, no one in my family had enough wind to lift the car. There it sat, immoveable. *sigh*

5 comments on “Memory Lane: ‘Supercar’

  1. I don’t recall ever seeing this, but I love the concept. A car/airplane/submarine/spacecraft; I love it!

  2. When I was younger, I used to like watching Shaun the Sheep, a British stop-motion animation series that uses clay. I’m too old for that now. (The picture I chose for one of my posts, “Here it Comes!”, is Timmy from the Shaun the Sheep episode, “Timmy in a Tizzy”.)

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