‘Big Brother Still Watching and Still Hungry’ (2015)

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All sorts of monsters crept into the government during the bad old days of Mr. Fundamental Transformation. Here’s what his Dept. of Agriculture had it in mind to do to us.


How badly would you want to live under a government that tells you what to eat, when to go to bed, and when to get your exercise? They say they only want those powers so they can do what’s best for us, because they’re smarter than we are and we simply don’t know what’s good for us. But what really makes this go is an insatiable lust for power over other people’s lives.

Is there one liberal, anywhere on earth, who doesn’t want to control other people?

Probably not.

2 comments on “‘Big Brother Still Watching and Still Hungry’ (2015)

    1. Liberals have an addiction to power over others. They can’t control it. And if you don’t let them run your life, it drives them into a frenzy.

      When the Democrat Party was first formed, John Quincy Adams predicted it would degenerate into the mob rule party. How right he was.

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