‘Counsel for the Counselors’

Why can’t our counselors help the people that they’re counseling?

Maybe because they themselves need counseling, and aren’t getting it.


I wrote this piece for Chalcedon in 2004, and I doubt the situation has changed since then. Counselors “can’t say” whether a behavior is right or wrong. They literally can’t say: the cat’s got their tongue.

But until they can say it, they won’t do anyone much good.

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  1. A couple of interesting quotes:

    “Europeans don’t try to dictate to their young people, and neither should we.”

    The last time I checked, Europe wasn’t doing so well. Maybe it’s time to try another approach.

    “Maybe we ought to stop listening to the experts and go back to the Bible.”
    One thing I have come to appreciate is the extent to which America was influenced by the bible in the past. Indeed, we weren’t perfect and certainly did not practice scriptural principles as well as we should have, but we did better, to the extent that we did practice what was in the bible.

    For the record, the bible did not endorse slavery; kidnapping or enslaving someone was a capital crime under the Law of Moses. It did, however, make allowance for persons whom sold themselves into indenture, but it also had Jubilee years which reversed this status, so as to not perpetuate indenture.

    1. “Europe,” whatever they really mean by that, is the secularist El Dorado, where the streets are paved with gold and everything is hunky-dory. Their contempt for America blinds them to the rather large defects of Europe.

    2. From the photos I’ve seen, their “gold” is reminiscent of trash and human waste. 🙂

  2. After every school shooting, or death of a fellow student, or Trump winning the election, they call out the Counselors. Whatever happened to calling out the priests, pastors and ministers? Oh yeah, the church retreated and let the secularist take over the culture. Well, it is past time to take it back. Start by never voting for a Democrat again.

  3. And a famous quote from Finney: If crime, if lawlessness, etc. are in evidence, the pulpit is responsible for it”
    The church should be able to keep society under better control, but, if it is
    permissive and negligent, it has abandoned it’s calling.
    Situational ethics has infiltrated even the churches in a lot of cases.

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