They’re Banning ‘Gatsby’ Again The Great Gatsby: Robert Redford, Mia Farrow, Bruce ...

A couple of years ago, some of our, um, colleges banned it. Now a local school board in Alaska has banned it–one of the great books in American literature, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby ( For its “controversial content,” don’t you know–“language and sexual references.”

Doh! “Sexual references”? Has the school board looked at its own K-12 sex education curriculum lately? Holy cow! It’s practically the Kama Sutra. Gatsby would have to be about a hundred times dirtier just to be in the same area code as “sex ed.”

They banned five books. The only other one that I’ve read was Catch-22, banned because characters who are guys in the army talk and act like guys in the army. I read it in college. On one memorable occasion in the classroom, the instructor was reading a particularly vivid passage aloud when one of the students fainted. We all thought he was kidding at first–but nope, he really fainted.

When I was in high school in the Late Bronze Age, everything on our required reading list was just plain boring. Silas Marner–which was worse, that or The Forsyte Saga? I think they were trying to put us off reading, permanently.

Up in Alaska, the five banned books were cut from the reading list of the High School English Elective Curriculum.

Just to show you where their heads were at, the school board’s vice president said of Gatsby, “If I were to read this in a corporate environment, I would be dragged into EO.” I think “EO” means “Economic Opportunity”–sort of a workplace thought police. You don’t want to be reading novels that’d suggest you were an Enemy Of The People.

As a high school student, I’m sure I would not have been mature enough to appreciate The Great Gatsby. If I were a public high school student today, I would already be up to my eyebrows in lurid sexual content and foul language: our popular culture is a polluted pond, and we’re the fish stuck swimming in it. How any single book would even be noticed in the avalanche of filth that’s dumped on us every day, is more than I know.

Meanwhile, the local bookstores say these titles have suddenly begun flying off the shelves.

A Victory for the Good Guys

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Harmless-looking, isn’t it? But hopefully we have learned by now that nothing offered us by Planned Parenthood is harmless.

Sane and decent people prevailed over sexual anarchists and weirdos this month in Worcester, Massachusetts, persuading the local school board to vote down another Planned Parenthood “sex education initiative” in the classrooms (

The proposed curriculum was called “Making Proud Choices.” Like this is stuff to be proud of. I prefer not to repeat the details, but the gist of it is that “sexual abstinence” means every imaginable sexual activity and technique except normal intercourse.

I’m pretty sure that if anybody had ever tried to introduce anything like that “initiative” into our local public school when I was ten years old, that person would be lucky to get out of town alive.

Lots and lots of parents showed up at the public meeting to object to the scheme, and the school board voted it down.

Better would be for all the parents to pull their kids out of the public schools altogether and give them a Christian education. But not having “Making Proud Choices” kicking around is of course better than having it.

We are thankful to the Massachusetts Family Institute for leading the effort to block this wickedness.

Public Schooling: It Really Is That Bad

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This article is about some of the stuff that people refuse to believe is happening in their public schools. They are wrong. For if they did believe it, they would have to tax their imaginations to find some excuse for sending their children there.

Since I wrote it in 2011, the main thing “educators” have added to the mix described herein is the frantic hard push for “transgender.” Y’know, it was only eight years ago. That’s not a lot of time, is it?

Kill the culture, and it will kill you back.

Back When We Were Citizens

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I remember back in the 1960s, when I was still in public school, and they first tried to add “sex education” to the curriculum.

Practically the whole town turned out for the school board meeting, to tell the board, in no uncertain terms, “Thou shalt not!” And so they didn’t, because they would’ve all been voted out of office if they had.

My friend Jimmy’s father, Mr. K., was particularly persuasive. They didn’t like to see him coming. So they refrained from innovations to the curriculum–because they had a wholesome fear of how the community would react. Because back then, see, we still had a community.

What’s changed?

For one thing, the state took away virtually all the power that the local school boards had to determine how education was conducted in their district. So if the voters rejected the school budget, the state commissioner had the power to nullify their vote. Eventually people stopped voting down school budgets, because it was futile. And meanwhile, the board had to tailor the curriculum to conform to whatever the state wanted.

I’m sure this happened in other states besides New Jersey.

Local control of school districts protected us from the kind of endless mischief now perpetrated daily by the state and federal governments. We could get it back, if there were ever the political will to abolish the federal Dept. of Education and get the federal government out of education altogether. We would also have to abolish the office of state commissioner of education, abolish state departments of education, and repeal Common Core–including all the “rewrites” which are only Common Core hiding behind a less controversial name.

All of that would be tremendously difficult to accomplish, going up against rich, powerful, entrenched opposition from the government and teachers’ unions.

Much better to pull Christian children, and others, out of public education and give them a Christian education, either at home or in a Christian school.

And there’s a wonderful upside to that.

Kill public education, and liberalism dies.

‘Counsel for the Counselors’

Why can’t our counselors help the people that they’re counseling?

Maybe because they themselves need counseling, and aren’t getting it.

I wrote this piece for Chalcedon in 2004, and I doubt the situation has changed since then. Counselors “can’t say” whether a behavior is right or wrong. They literally can’t say: the cat’s got their tongue.

But until they can say it, they won’t do anyone much good.

Sacraments of Humanism: Sex Education

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We wonder why public school “educators” are always so hot to trot for sex education–and the younger the children in the classroom, the more eagerly the educators swing into action. In Britain, as reported earlier today, they now want to go after two-year-olds. (

It’s because what they like to call “sex education” is a sacrament of a false religion, secular humanism. The other humanist sacraments are sodomy, transgenderism, abortion, and assisted suicide.

Another big question is why parents, even Christian parents, continue to allow believers in that false religion to educate their children, day in, day out, and year after year.

Rather large  books can be, and have been, written on this subject. This is only a blog post. It’s my way of urging parents and families to stop subjecting their children to public education.

Years ago, I worked most days as a substitute teacher at a public high school, called in to teach any and all subjects with only one exception–sex education. No substitute was ever called in for that. If the teacher was absent, an assistant principal had to supervise the class.

To keep parents from ever knowing exactly what was being taught, the textbooks were never allowed to be taken out of the classroom. Students complained that this made it hard for them to study for tests and quizzes, but that was the policy and the administration was not about to change it.

A student or a teacher in a public school can fall into a world of trouble by openly expressing any kind of faithfulness to Christian teaching. “You can be a boy one day and a girl the next, depending on how you feel.” This is, increasingly, what is being taught.

The Coalition of African-American Pastors, just to name one of many groups of concerned citizens and Christians, has warned that this kind of indoctrination is not going to go away, it is going to be made more intense as time goes by, and if we leave it alone and do nothing to stop it, our society will be severely damaged by it.

They couldn’t be more right. ( )

Planned Parenthood and the Babies That They Don’t Abort

These are not ordinary lollipops. These are “condom lollipops,” or “edible condoms,” of the kind handed out by Planned Parenthood to kids in public schools. Bon appetite.

It has never been Planned Parenthood’s plan to abort every baby. If they did that, they’d eventually have to go out of business–no one left to abort.

So what do they have in mind for the babies who never have a date with the abortionist? Well, that’s where Planned Parenthood’s role as the nation’s leading purveyor of “sex education” comes in.

The idea is that the live babies are to grow up to become customers of Planned Parenthood ( see, for instance, ). Everybody knows this except the nooze media. And our public educators conceal it from the public.

Do you know what Planned Parenthood “sex educators” do? Betcha don’t. But one of the things they do is to hand out “condom lollipops,” aka “edible condoms,” to children. More specifically, to the children of those parents who obstinately ignore all the news and all the warnings and just keep on sending their kids to public school because it gets the little blighters out of their hair for the day and, besides, they think that public school is “free” because it’s paid for out of your taxes instead of obliging you to write a check.

Come to think of it, every year Congress hands over to Planned Parenthood some half a billion of your tax dollars.

I wonder how much PP spends on edible condoms.

Think there’s no such thing? Just search for “condom lollipops” and see how many hits you get.

Planned Parenthood, public education, the nooze media, pwogwessive judges, etc., are all big-time culture-wreckers.

But any list of culture-killers must include the parents who send their kids off to the other culture-killers to be “educated.”

The Real Threat to Our Children

Yes, I know, I ask this question every summer: Where the blazes are the children? It’s a beautiful, sunny day, there’s no school in session–and no sign of any children, anywhere. The playgrounds are deserted. No kids fishing at the pond.

So where are they? Well, obviously they’re all indoors. Why are they indoors?

Mostly because people believe it’s horribly dangerous for kids to be outside, and anyway, “unsupervised play,” once known as “childhood,” is against the law. At least, there have been many news reports of parents jailed–yes, I said jailed–for allowing their children to play outdoors without supervision.

But when you read the laws, you discover that this is not what they actually say. The laws say you can’t leave a child alone in any situation where he might face an imminent threat of harm. If you were to let your two-year-old toddle into Main Street with all the cars whizzing back and forth, you would clearly be guilty of negligence.

Police, government bureaucracies such as “child protective services,” and spiteful neighborhood busybodies interpret such laws very, very loosely, so that virtually any situation involving a child  being a child can be construed as perilous, requiring really tough intervention. Thus an 11-year-old boy shooting baskets for an hour in his own back yard is deemed to be exposed to harrowing danger because his parents weren’t home yet (they got stuck in a traffic jam)–so the cops arrested the parents, threw them into jail, and even strip-searched them, and the boy was separated from his family for a month ( ).

Hot dog.

Of course, there is real danger to our children, a genuine threat: but you won’t find it on suburban playgrounds.

Check out this public school classroom at Redwood Heights Elementary School in Oakland, California. The disreputable individual teaching them that “you can be a boy one day and a girl the next, depending on  how you feel,” is a “gender coach” ( ). He teaches “gender fluidity,” yatta-yatta. No more male and female, no more boys and girls–that’s that old-fashioned, oppressive, heterosexist “binary gender” stuff.

Public education is a threat to children. That’s where they’re in danger–from the wicked hogwash stuffed into their heads by way-the-hell-out-there teacher unions and crack-brained “education theorists.”

There’s no need for the pedophiles to be lurking behind the bushes next to the swing set.

Not when they can get jobs in sex education.

Yet Another Outrage

July 4, Independence Day, 2015–we celebrate it by watching our freedom get eaten up by power-crazed politicians, bent churchmen, the Supreme Court from Gomorrah, and anyone else who wants a piece of it.

Especially those whom we laughingly call educators.

Case in point: Seattle public schools have been implanting girls with IUDs (Intrauterine Device) for birth control without the girls’ parents’ knowledge or consent. Some of these kids are in the sixth grade. Get all the facts and figures here ( )

And you send your children to public school because _________?

Of course, it’s only logical. Starting in kindergarten, they teach the children about sex, and then they teach them how to have sex, and the next step has got to be to equip the kiddies for sex. The only thing that remains is to make it compulsory.

But don’t worry–it’s just another one of ten thousand isolated incidents from every state in the Union.

This Fourth of July, you know what worries me?

I fear what’ll happen when we run out of freedoms to sign over to persons who are eager to take them from us. What are they going to do when there are no more liberties left to seize, and they’re still hungry?

School Takes Kids on Field Trip to Sex Shop

What would you expect if you enrolled your child in something called the Gaia Democratic School?

Well, the few Minneapolis parents who did that recently found out: the director of this newly-created private school–would you believe the name Starri Hedges?–took the kiddies on a field trip to the Smitten Kitten, an adult book store ( ).

Parents are now kind of cheesed off that their children were exposed to serious pornography, and are demanding the director’s resignation.

But what did they expect?

Well-to-do liberals are way behind Christians and conservatives when it comes to setting up private schools. Why bother? The far-left teacher unions control America’s public schools. They might as well be “progressive” private schools, only with much lousier food served in the cafeteria.

Some of these parents wish to protect their children from evangelization for precocious sexuality by putting them in public school. Dream on.

When it comes to “sex education,” the only difference between the Gaia Democratic School and a public school is that Gaia brought the kids to the adult book store, but the public school brings the adult book store into the classroom.

What–you don’t believe it? Because if you believed it, you’d have a hard time justifying your decision to keep your kids in public school.

Believe it.

Here is a 2010 news report of a New Jersey sex educators’ conference… . Read it.

I very much doubt it’s gotten any better in five years–only now they may be moving on from leading children into homosexuality, in favor of “transgender” perversion.

I know, I know–“Well, that certainly doesn’t happen at our school!”

But if it hasn’t happened in your town yet, don’t worry–it will. It will.