20 comments on “Texas Dems Try to Round Up Non-Citizen Votes

  1. I once remember hearing someone say something to the effect that the last mile the communists would have to run naked. Meaning that when their goals were finally in reach, their masks would have to come off and they would reveal themselves for what they really are. Is there any doubt that this is happening? They control all the spheres of influence: academia, media, entertainment, etc. They are confident enough that they can drop their pretense. BUT they may have played their cards too soon, as evidenced by the last election. And the more they reveal their true nature, the more it unites the right. Ever since the Kavanaugh thing and all the antics from the left since Trump has been elected, I’ve seen it reunite the different factions on the right who were divided from the last election. I think we will do fairly well in the midterms, even if we do take some losses.

  2. I’m surprised that they didn’t send out the ballots with ALL the favored boxes marked in advance, instead of just the citizenship box. That’s what they did in one country where I was stationed: Poll “attendants” handed people ballots already marked and told them to drop the ballots in the ballot box. Oh, and the men handing out the ballots were armed, so they got few arguments about the process. In fact, if anyone chose not to go to the polls, armed constabulary would knock at their door and “escort” them to the polls to be handed the pre-marked ballots.

    I suppose that will be next if the leftists get control here.

    1. Phoebe, this IS what happened during the 2016 presidential election. I forgot in which local district, but the people working there, democrats, got caught sending out pre-filled mail-in ballots. In another democrat district, peoplle working there would follow non-English speaking voters into the voting booth and remained behind the curtain until they both came out. In both of these incidents, they were exposed by people with cell phone videos. I was alSubscribe to RSS
      so a witness to the armed Black Panthers threatening republicans as they entered a polling place in Philadelphia. Lastly, democrats in my city were going around knocking on doors and TELLING people to vote democrat and DEMANDED they sign some document they had on a clipboard. So, which third world country have we become?

  3. Rush Limbaugh has said the Left is trying to make elections so suspect that we won’t rely on them anymore – and presto, the unelected self-appointed elite can work their demonic magic to socialize the United States of America.

  4. We must pray as never before that the will of the Almighty will be done in
    this as in everything. II Chronicles 7:14 is still available for us. Let’s do our part.

  5. Isn’t it illegal to encourage someone to commit a crime. Criminal conspiracy convictions have happened for less flagrant things.

    1. Yes, of course it’s illegal. That’s why Gov. Abbott wants it investigated.
      I keep wondering: are they that arrogant, or are they that desperate, to pull stunts like this?

  6. In Texas there’s NO choice as RINO Cruz-the-globalist (RINO & globalist describing a democrat in republican clothes) is probably sending out mailers disguised as summonses – again!

    1. My two cents’ worth: the business at hand must be to defeat Democrats utterly, decisively, unconditionally. We can deal with RINOs later.

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    3. Well, right now the choice is between him and the Democrat Mob Rule Party candidate, drunk-driving “Beto” O’Rourke. Not a good idea to vote for a guy with a name that sounds like it goes with a Bolivian Socialist dictator.

      Again, Job One has to be to put the Democrats out of ;business.

      I’m no fan of Ted Cruz. His primary campaign turned me off, big-time. Nor can I think of anything he’s done to help this country.

      But again, this election ought to be about just one thing: taking out the Democrats.

      We can go after the RINOs after the first mission is accomplished.

    4. You’re absolutely right! I’m a straight ticket republican. But if Cruz ever attempts to slither into the White House again, i’m ready for it – lol

    5. “Democratesque” – may I use this great two-in-one word you coined? What bothers me is that there are too many voters who still believe the things cruz says and have a completely different picture of him than who he really is. And since Trump became President, cruz has managed to keep himself in the news spotlight. Frankly, i’m not convinced that he had nothing to do with the incident at the restaurant – he knew it would generate sympathy, at a time when he was running for re-election, how convenient, and he’s perfectly capable of staging such a performance. He actually frightens me because he’s managed to fool most of the people most of the time and we certainly don’t want another Manchurian candidate.

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