Mr. Nature: The Lyrebird Imitates Just About Everything

The lyrebird of Australia imitates all the other birds in the forest, and then some. You name it, the lyrebird does it. And if we didn’t have the video to go with it, you’d never be able to tell the lyrebird from the real thing. I wonder how many lyrebirds got parts as kookaburras in movie soundtracks.

Hi, I’m Mr. Nature… and this is God’s stuff. I’ll bet He had fun creating this one!

8 comments on “Mr. Nature: The Lyrebird Imitates Just About Everything

  1. They sure are amazing creatures that God has created!

    If I happen to walk in a forest and hear these ‘clicking’ sounds from a camera shutter, I think I’ll say, “Hey! Who took my picture without my consent?!” And then my eyes will fall on the little Lyrebird, with his beautiful feathers spread out for display, and say, “Oh, it’s just you… my little friend!”
    And then I’ll duck my head and brace for impact because I just heard a chainsaw cutting down a nearby tree…

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