Memory Lane: ‘Mother, Please–!’

If you’re old enough, you’re sure to remember this classic Anacin commercial, circa 1960. The housewife’s trying to cook, the mother ventures to ask, “Don’t you think it needs a little salt?”, and she gets her head bitten off: “Mother, please! I’d rather do it myself!”

The opportunities for parody are legion. Think Mama Bates from Psycho.

There was a whole series of these Family-Member-Goes-Postal commercials: it seems Anacin was better than any platoon of family counselors.

I don’t even like to think about how the same commercials would be made today.

3 comments on “Memory Lane: ‘Mother, Please–!’

  1. Today to make this commercial relevant there would have to be a mixed race couple featured, or a gay couple, and they would have to bleep out the F-bombs. Oh yeah, there would need to be foul rap music playing in the background.

  2. You don’t like to think about it but you’ve got me thinking about it and it’s a nightmare I can’t get out of my head. I’m going over to Youtube to watch some old black and white movies… I see thewhiterabbit2016 just couldn’t resist his (?) SPOT ON thoughts – lol.

  3. “Control yourself. Sure you have a headache; you’re tense…” The narrator of yesterday is the background noise of liberals reading our thoughts today. “Pelosi, please, i’d rather do it myself!”

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