‘Is Europe’s Soul Dead?’ (2015)

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It’s as bleak as it looks.

You can learn a lot about the inner workings of an age by studying to “entertainment” it produces.

Yes, I agree–God help us.


Just judging by what we run on TV, America and Western Europe are in beaucoup trouble, spiritually and morally. And I’ll bet that thought never crosses most people’s minds. Present company excepted.

We are watchmen on the walls, guys. We have to sound the trumpet. Pray they hear it.

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  1. Your point about entertainment being a window into the civilization where it is produced is well taken. Entertainment, by definition, has to make sense to its consumers and in order to do that, it has to be relatable to that culture in one fashion or another; common likes and/or dislikes. I spent much of last week in the company of Millennials and was amazed by the things they didn’t even begin to relate to. Simply put, many of them had no idea what my generation stood for and probably could not have begun to comprehend what my grandparent’s generation is like.

    From such a worldview, Pro Life or belief in a Higher Power would be foreign. Casting a Christian as a mindless villain isn’t much of a stretch for them.

    1. Bleak; no hope beyond whatever can be extracted from each day. There’s no improvement on the horizon, because they have no source to cause improvement. Without vision, the people perish.

    2. Yeesh, that sounds awful. Sounds like those kids have been overacculterated. But we now have a couple of bright young people contributing to this blog, and I trust there are more of them where they came from.

    3. It’s certainly not universal, but many of today’s youth have had any spirit of independence squeezed right out of them by the forces of Political Correctness.

  2. If I blow the trumpet and nobody hears it, does it still make a sound? Denatured of all morality, the youth of today can’t find their spiritual path because the lights are off. I think we need a bullhorn and brighter lights without a turn off switch.

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