Bunny to the Rescue

So the goofy cat gets herself trapped in the tool shed, can’t get out–but not to worry, the bunny know just what to do. Obviously this bunny saw The Great Escape. The solution: dig a tunnel! There aren’t even any Luftwaffe guards who have to be bribed to look the other way.

As for gratitude–well, one can’t have everything.

6 comments on “Bunny to the Rescue

  1. He looks pleased with himself as he lounges afterward, and he should be. It always feels good when we can use our natural talents to help a friend.

  2. What a great bunny – I want it!! Bunnies love to dig, and also love to gnaw on things. If you have a house bunny, or are thinking of having one, make sure you bunny-proof your house and give the precious critter lots of toys to chew on (balsam wood works well).

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