Dude, Where’s My Gender?

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All right, let’s see what bilge the nooze has coughed up today…

The Left is having conniptions over a New York Times report that suggests that the Trump administration, claiming  a need to define “gender” more explicitly in order to enforce Title IX of the federal Civil Rights Act, “seeks to erase the identity of transgender Americans” (https://mashable.com/article/trans-rights-gender-legal-definition-trump-memo/#i.y1YmDrCPqW).

Just for the record, there is no such thing as “transgender.” There are only deluded persons who say they are “transgender.” There are also persons who say they are human-space alien hybrids.

Anyhow, they’re rending their garments over these “flagrant acts of evil” aimed, they say, at “1.4 million transgender Americans.” I don’t know where they came up with that figure. But if 1.4 million people say they’re Napoleon Bonaparte, instead of just one person saying it, that doesn’t mean we have 1.4 million Napoleon Americans.

First Hillary called normal people “deplorables,” then loony Joe Biden called us “the dregs of society,” and now Organized Sodomy calls us “anti-equality extremists” because we won’t hop on their bandwagon. They sure don’t like us much.

If you are even thinking about voting to put Democrats back in power in November… don’t. Unless, of course, you really like mob rule, open borders, making it a crime to disbelieve in Man-Made Climbit Change, and the whole “transgender” movement. If you’re for those things, you’re for Democrats.

12 comments on “Dude, Where’s My Gender?

  1. I would not, in a million years, vote democrat for anything. Such insanity needs to stop and right now, not be encouraged by anyone, anywhere,
    at any time. We are living in a world gone mad, and far beyond anything I ever saw in a nutty movie, even back when I watched movies. They are far beyond deplorable; they are dregs of “society” (what society?) and I would like to see all of them moved to some deserted island (maybe on Mars?)

  2. The Napoleon example is a good one! And the 1.4 million is made up. A good rule of thumb is never believe what the MSM says when it comes to policy and politics – it may be okay to consider their immediate weather forecasts, but not their long term ones.

    1. Even those short-term forecasts aren’t all that reliable. But as Michael Crichton said, predicting the weather is a fool’s errand.

  3. Just a few years word transgender was not in the common lexicon. Now we’re having culture wars about it.

  4. And once people have come to accept “transgender” the way they somehow accepted the idea of “gay marriage,” the Pervert Syndicate will come up with something even more crazy that we’ll be required to accept as normal because x.x gazillion Americans are that way and to refuse them their identity is a hate crime. If it weren’t so dangerous, I’d go along with the charade just for the amusement of seeing what new perversion and/or fantasy they come up with. Unfortunately, it IS so dangerous.

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