Turning Loose the Demons

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Mike Adams, “the Health Ranger,” warns that Far Left Crazies, taking crazed Democrat rhetoric to heart, are getting together on the social media to plot acts of violence and terrorism–including murder (https://www.naturalnews.com/2018-09-30-mike-adams-warns-senators-supreme-court-unhinged-left-kill-teams-home-invasions.html).

Uh, hey, Facebook! Twitter! Didn’t you say something about censoring “hate speech” and any speech that tends to “promote violence”? Oh–you mean conservative speech. Any speech that doesn’t have the Nancy Pelosi Seal of Approval. That’s “hate.”

According to Adams, unhinged liberal wackos are organizing into “kill teams”–again, using the social media that routinely censors and bans non-liberals–to assault or even assassinate conservative senators, judges, radio personalities, etc. They advocate “doxxing” prominent conservatives–that is, releasing their home addresses and other private information to crazed leftids who might want to kill them–home invasions to terrorize their victims’ families, mob assaults on any conservative who might appear in public, use of government databases leaked, on purpose, to left-wing mobs, and, of course, censorship of conservatives by lib-owned social media. You can see that a lot of these things, they’ve already done–including attempted assassinations. 

See, we can’t dismiss Mike Adams’ claims as overstated because the leftids have already attacked people, tried to kill them, censored them, threatened and assaulted them in public. We are not talking about things that these people are averse to doing.

Catchy new Democrat slogan: “Make sure we win the midterm elections, or we’ll kill you.”

Can you imagine what these people’s children must be like? Presuming they have any.

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  1. Carl Bernstein this past weekend said on TV that he has it from good sources that Trump is already prepared to declare the midterm elections illegitimate if the Dems win back power by calling it voter fraud. Reminds me of Congressman Castro of TX going on TV and saying the Saudi journalist was killed because he was on a hit list Jared Kutchner gave the Crown Prince. And that is why I don’t watch the MSM period (I get my news from the internet and Christian broadcasters and anchors).

  2. I want those we pay a lot of tax money to keep us safe to stop these attacks and actually keep us safe. School children go to jail for carrying a toy gun, yet these vapid, vacuous, crazed demons run roughshod over our rights, security, safety, lives, and privacy. This needs to stop on all levels, local, state and federal. But obviously it won’t – until we the people finally decide we’ve had enough (we HAD enough) and massively demonstrate and protest at the feet of our leaders. Of course, some real hard fighting back, on the streets, would help, even if some of us go to jail. With most police officers in leftist districts on the side of these unhinged radicals, we do face arrest. I’m proud of our Proud Boys, who fought against antifa thugs, won the fight, and went to jail. No good deed goes unpunished. The problem was that there were only 9 of them. While many American have indeed “woken up”, they just haven’t gotten off the couch yet. It’s YOYO folks. Unite, organize, fight. If not, the left will start a civil war, which I do believe the right will win, but at some expense. For anyone who may be interested, unless you’ve already read these, here’s a link about soros dirty hands: https://www.georgesoros.com/2018/01/25/remarks-delivered-at-the-world-economic-forum/
    George Soros
    Remarks delivered at the World Economic Forum
    Davos, Switzerland, January 25, 2018
    Soros-Funded David Brock Connected to Tech Giants’ Censoring of Conservatives
    RACHEL ALEXANDER Published on August 26, 2018

    1. I have never heard even one prominent Democrat speak a single word against this behavior. You can bet the farm they’re encouraging it and hoping to gain by it.

      First, crush them in next month’s elections. Put them out of business.

      Then, if they want to continue rioting and making like terrorists, sic the military on them.

      I don’t think it’ll be long before they give it up.

    2. Me either. I do admire their cohesiveness (of the script of course) – and trust the glue that holds them together now will “crush” them “before long.” You may think you’re too old to fight, Lee, but you can still light a fire!

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