My Newswithviews Column, Oct. 25 (‘Transgender Movement on the Warpath’

Y’know what would be great? If this whole damned transgender thing just went away and I never had to write about it anymore, except maybe in a moment of half-incredulous historical reflection.

Meanwhile, they never stop. The beat goes on.

If this “movement” is not Satanic, then what is it? What’s its purpose? What good can it possibly do?

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  1. Transgender is one ugly fruit from the devil’s assault against God’s creation. He is making a mockery of man who was created in the image of God. And our culture is celebrating it! 😣
    I just heard a powerful sermon about it by John MacArthur “We Will Not Bow”.
    Perilous times we’re in!

  2. Undoubtedly, it is one more sick, demonically contrived ploy of the enemy of God and man. It is amazing to me how mindlessly people who do not
    believe and follow the Lord will follow anything from anyone else. Common sense has been set aside in favor of sensational and mindless nonsense. I wonder if the type of other-worldly movies have engendered this kind of thinking.

    1. How many times did God warn Israel, through His prophets, that if they refused to serve Him, they would wind up serving false gods of wood and stone? But of course they never listened.

  3. I read it – it’s great. The only “good” that could possibly come out of this severe mental illness, of such a loud but small group, is a strong pendulum swing. You’re sick of writing about it, i’m sick of reading about it, but it’s a never ending saga with so many successful triumphs that we just must know about, and rely on journalists like you to give us the updated truth. I hope President Trump gets his scale-back on transgenders in the military – a good first step.

  4. Nice work, Lee and a great application of Proverbs. It’s scary to watch, and I’m certain that Satan is delighted.

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