Only 386 Comments to Go!

Shooting for 35,000 comments, we now have 34,614, which leaves just 386 to go. It would be nice to make it before Thanksgiving, when the Christmas Carol Contest will start.

So, whoever posts Comment No. 35,000 receives a talking hamster who can grant wishes, as long as they aren’t really big, human-type wishes that a hamster can’t understand… or else an autographed copy of one of my books.

We have a lot of new friends on this blog, so, ho, everybody–this is an act you can all get in on. Let’s see some witty, penetrating, baffle-the-magic-hamster comments!

4 comments on “Only 386 Comments to Go!

  1. LOL! That is one cute little guy, but I still think I would prefer one of your books if I should be so lucky to hit the magic number. Although, if you are asking for witty remarks, that probably leaves me out, boo hoo.

  2. Awww … what a cutie. I’m almost inclined to ask for the hamster, but I’d want a non-talking one; I have enough chatter in my life already. And God knows better than I do which of my wishes should be fulfilled. So maybe not the hamster. Anyway, I’d really rather have the book. 🙂

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