Censors Ban Another Christian Website

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The latest victim is Lifesite News, given 12 hours’ notice by its unidentified “web host” before being taken down (https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/urgent-lifesite-is-under-attack)–so they’re scrambling to find another server.

I do not know why nobody’s identifying the “web host” who has done this. I checked several sources and couldn’t find a name, not even from Lifesite itself.

Using the same kind of smear tactics that very nearly kept Brett Kavanagh off the Supreme Court, a “gay activist” bombarded Lifesite’s server with complaints, going so far as to say the folks at Lifesite subjected him to “property damage and a physical assault.” We believe this for, like, zero nanoseconds. But it seems that it’s always easier to give in to Organized Sodomy, just to stop the screaming. No one ever stands up to them.

Lifesite’s only “crime” was to stand up for Biblical morality in an age of moral anarchy. Liberals can’t tolerate that.

How many non-Far Left Crazy websites are going to be banned or suspended in the run-up to next month’s elections? How many will ever be allowed to come back?

The Mob Rule Party, formerly known as the Democrats, does not intend for freedom of speech to be part of our country’s future. They’re showing their hand quite clearly.

If we, the American people, fail to crush the Left in this election, we’ll be sorry.

5 comments on “Censors Ban Another Christian Website

  1. The forces of evil seem to grow stronger, louder, and more ubiquitous every day.

    To re-use my old (semi-)joke: Sometimes I think we really are in the end times. And then I think, “Nah, we should be so lucky!”

  2. What it is in a nutshell is an attack of freedom of speech. We see it in every facet of society. If you say something that someone else doesn’t like you could get fired, or something taken away.

  3. Another website that was taken down by their server was GAB, where you could say anything you liked within the limits of Constitutionally protected free speech. But since the server is a private business and they don’t want free speech that is on the Right, bye-bye GAB.

    A new internet is being built as we speak (type 🙂 ). It is called Block Chain, and is based on security first. Hackers will no longer be able to get to our information, and Google and other Marxists tech giants who are now the middlemen will become unnecessary. Check out Block Chain on TED Talks or just search it on YouTube. George Gilder is a good source for it. God is at work behind the scenes to usher in His Kingdom and fulfill Christ’s Great Commission.

  4. This is really bad news. If it weren’t for Lifesite news, we’d never have learned about the murders of sick babies in UK hospitals – Alfie Evans, Charlie Gard, Isiaih Hastrup, Israel Stinson, and the attempted murders of Dylan Askin and Ashya King. Even other sites got their sources from Lifesite news.

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