How to Spot Voter Fraud

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Oh, boy! Midterm elections next week! The noozies all tell us the Blue Wave is coming, gonna sweep Democrats back into office so they can repeal our tax cuts, impeach our president, and erase our borders.

If you’re wondering why the same electorate that elected Donald Trump would for no reason at all turn around and surrender the country to the Far Left Crazy, here are three signs that will infallibly tell you that an election wasn’t all it should have been: three signs that Democrats have been at work.

*”Ooh-ooh, look what I found!” It’s a close race, the Democrat has fallen behind, when suddenly, voila, presto–! Somebody turns up a previously-overlooked cache of uncounted ballots, in an attic, or the trunk of someone’s car: and behold, they’re all Democrat votes! And the Bad Guys win.

*More votes cast than there are voters in the district. Dems have got this down to a fine art. Somehow they never fail to win if there’s, like, a 130% voter turnout. There are several ways to perform this trick. Bus people from poll to poll in different towns. Bring people in from out of state. Have dead people and illegal aliens voting. Dems have mastered the whole gamut of vote inflation.

*The sudden materialization of a “Libertarian” candidate to siphon votes away from the Republican. It almost always turns out that these Libertarian candidates are financed by the Democrats to do what Libertarians do best–not win elections, but help Democrats to win by soaking off Republican votes. Republicans help this get done by offering weak-kneed, slack-jawed, lily-livered RINOs that conservatives really hate to vote for. The arrival of a “Libertarian” in the race almost always heralds a Democrat win.

The problem with these sure signs is that by the time you see them, it’s too late to stop the fraud. But (hint to President Trump) it’s not too late to punish it.

We, the voters, can do our part by voting against every Democrat we can. We need to put them out of business.

Unless, of course, you like high taxes, illegal immigration, transgender bathrooms, laws against holding the wrong opinion, and all the rest of the Democrats’ de luxe fun-pack.

6 comments on “How to Spot Voter Fraud

  1. If the Dems should win back the House (God forbid) and they pass legislation to undo the tax breaks, Trump will veto it and that will be the end of it. If they vote to impeach Trump, the Senate will never vote to convict. So all the bluster from the Left is just that.

    Look on the bright side – Paul Ryan will not longer be Speaker of the House. And all those new GOP Representatives being elected for the first time by running on Trump’s coattails – it looks to me like the wall will be built after all.

  2. Project Veritas has exposed several candidates, both sides, who lied about what they support just to get votes, when in fact the people running their campaigns behind the scenes say things like “Nobody has to know” and “I hope the voters don’t find out.” Let’s see, GOP RINOS: Beto O’Roarke, Joe Manchin, Mayor Andrew Gillum for Governor, Sen Heidi Heitkamp, Gov Kate Brown…there are more I don’t have time to search for. This is why it’s so important that ALL candidates running in each party be listed on the ballot, and not just one from each party chosen by the party.

  3. We’ve begged for Voter ID in MN for 30yrs. The amount of overvotes due to counting non-citizens us very suspect.
    Al Franken lost his race for Senate the night of the election,
    They sued, lawyered up, and stole the election by “finding 1300 votes in the trunk of an election officials car in St Louis County. (Our version of Miami-Cafe’s cheat machine.)
    Franken became the 60th vote for Obama care but only by cheating and muscling democracy away from voters into the hands of attorneys.

    1. Cheating has become normal procedure for the Democrat Party everywhere. The always-popular “whole bunch of ballots in the trunk of a car” general works miracles for otherwise defeated Democrats.

      Nothing, but nothing, would be better for America than to put the Democrat Party out of business forever.

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