The Great Democrat Naked Women Ad

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I have no desire to run a picture of that stupid ad. Here are some zebras instead.

Are these people quite all there?

Democrats have floated ads featuring ten naked women, including a mentally ill man who says he’s a woman, thinking this will get regular people to vote for them next week ( and of course the %$#$@# link doesn’t work–find the story on–none of this dadburned technology works today). Try again: (

All Cherished Minorities are represented.

One of these, er, women looks like Elisha Cook Jr.

This display of naked women is supposed to be in support of #MeToo, which claims to be opposed to the objectification of women. Coulda fooled me. It’s also supposed to rally normal people around “transgender rights” and “reproductive rights” (in English, “abortion”).

How is this supposed to inspire Democrat votes? I don’t get it. Am I missing something that’s obvious to everybody else?

These are not normal people and they must never be allowed to take power in our country ever again.

Put them out of business on Election Day.

16 comments on “The Great Democrat Naked Women Ad

  1. “Are these people quite all there?” The obvious answer is NO, absolutely not. They are completely under the control of satan, sick, demonized, and headed for the pit if they do not turn quickly, completely and for good.
    This is one of the most disgusting things I have ever witnessed in my life. Talk about “deplorables”? Well- here they are. Padded cells all around, please.

  2. I agree – why would any sane person vote for a Democrat? The only thing they are running on is “hate Trump” who is [every negative name in the book]. They have no policies to offer of any merit. If the Dems do well on Nov 6th results it will only be because of the propaganda machine of the MSM. I mean, when Jane Fonda is saying Trump is like Hitler and his followers are like the Third Reich how can that even fly?

  3. What is truly terrifying here is that such outrageous and sick behavior is getting to the point in the culture where it is looked upon as, at worst, “fringe.” In a better (more sane) time, it would have been banned from the normal channels of public discourse (you know, as in the time that one could not use ANY four letter words in public communication ~ you couldn’t even say “damn!”). We have become so immune to perversion and psychosis that such pictures don’t even distress us and the best we can hope for the public response is ridicule rather than condemnation. What does this say about our culture? VOLUMES ~ and it ain’t good.

    1. Sometimes ridicule works better than condemnation. These chowderheads on the Left take themselves very, very, very seriously–and believe that you should revere them for their lofty wisdom and moral excellence. Nothing twists their knickers like laughing at them.

    2. While ridicule is fine NOW, my point was the denigration and deterioration of the culture at large. There can be no doubt that we are approaching (have reached or even passed!) the point at which we can be called a “civilized” country within the meaning of that phrase ~ at least as it USED to be understood.

    3. Again, my point is that the rot is PRESENT and ALL PREVAILING. Certainly it must be “condemned,” but it’s a lot like cancer or gangrene. It is not enough to condemn it or be against it but steps must be taken to END it before it ends us ~ if that is even possible these days.

    4. The first step to ending it must be taken on Election Day this week. Job One is to put the Democrat Party–which sponsors and promotes all this rot–out of business.

      And then we must really take steps to defund the colleges.

    5. I have little faith in our electoral system. I believe that the only reason Trump won in 2016 is that the Deep State was SO confident Clinton would win that they didn’t bother to do most of their voter fraud (dead, illegal, felon voters etc.) or hack into the “digital” voting system. They’re not going to let that happen this time. If that fat commie wins in Georgia it’s because she cheated, period. No, I take no comfort in elections anymore. Obama won TWICE because of voter fraud and Clinton would have as well had the establishment not been totally wrong about Trump.

    6. Well, I still say “Vote.” You don’t believe it’s worth the effort, so what do you say?
      I do understand why so many people have lost hope, but if we do that, we let the bad guys win. Personally, I wouldn’t want anyone to say I did anything to contribute to that.

    7. I didn’t say DON’T vote ~ I merely pointed out that we cannot assume that legal voting will stop the Deep State. It hasn’t so far. Our last President before Trump had no right to have ANY office much less that of President and everybody in DC (and elsewhere knew it INCLUDING SCOTUS!) so it is foolish to simply assume that the good guys show up and we win. I cannot vote in this election because I just moved and am not registered in this town. However, in that its New York State, it would probably actually BE a waste of time though I voted for Trump in 2016.

    8. Well, we have to do something, and I’m here to receive suggestions.
      I live in New Jersey, a state owned by the Far Left teacher unions. Many years ago I predicted the Baltic States would be freed from the Soviet Union before NJ was freed from the teacher unions. Unhappily, that prediction came true.

      So, yeah, voting Republican in New Jersey is most unlikely to be crowned with success. But it will certainly fail if no one bothers to try it.

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