‘Welcome to Caitlin Middle School’ (2015)

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A lot of what’s wrong with America is the fault of our so-called public education system.

I wrote this as a satire just three years ago. It doesn’t seem like such a satire now.


They literally teach our children disrespect for truth.

And Christian parents send their children there.

2 comments on “‘Welcome to Caitlin Middle School’ (2015)

  1. Sadly, you are right, it’s satire but reality is moving it to meet it.

    I appreciate your point; why do Christian people continue to use the public schools which are in full assault mode when it comes to Christian values? Let them continue to marginalize themselves into oblivion.

  2. Sigh. The original satire seems mild compared with the insanity that’s going on today. In fact, by comparison the principal in the original seems downright (gasp) lenient about heresy against the Approved Facts.

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