Oh, No! Divisive Language!

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“Journalists” in America don’t even try to imitate journalists anymore. Any old swill is good enough for them, as long as it’s Democrat swill.

Yesterday the New York Times–if you used it to line the bottom of your bird cage, your bird would get sick–proclaimed that President Trump is [trumpet fanfare] “losing the suburbs” , where people are just super-turned off by his use of [raspberry, please] “divisive language.

Hmm… let’s see… divisive language… Ah, here it is! “Basket of deplorables”–Hillary Clinton describing normal Americans who didn’t want to vote for her. “Dregs of society”–Crazy Joe Biden describing normal Americans who won’t “celebrate” homosexual parodies of marriage. “Get in their faces!”–Maxine Waters urging Democrats to assault Republicans in public places.

Not to mention the minute-by-minute booming Democrat tom-tom denouncing everyone but themselves as racist-hater-biggit-transphobe-nationalist-nazi-etc. The least little divergence from total abject obedience to their whole insane agenda brings down a torrent of abuse.

Donald Trump would have to rev it up about a hundred gears higher to come even close to what Democrats do with divisive language. You’d swear they had a patent on it. Hillary again: Can’t be no more civility until Democrats are back in power.

Election Day 2018 is next week.

If you’re even thinking of voting for a Democrat, any Democrat, or tossing away your vote on some third-party joke candidate and thereby helping a Democrat win–well, stop thinking of it, confront yourself in the mirror and confess your shame, and then on Tuesday go out and do the right thing–vote straight-down-the-line Republican.

Not that Republicans are plaster saints: far from it. But the job immediately at hand is to put the Democrat Party out of business. And then it’ll be time to see to the Republicans–a lot of RINOs need to be dragged kicking and screaming out of office.

9 comments on “Oh, No! Divisive Language!

  1. They’re predicting thunderstorms here on Election Day, the knee I injured two weeks ago isn’t fully mobile yet, and the only parking I’ll be able to get at my polling place is a full block and a dangerous crossing away — BUT — I’ll be there one way or another.

    Don’t forget to review your votes before you leave the voting machine. People in a couple of states (including mine) have reported their Republican votes being flipped to Democrat ones.

  2. Very well said, Lee. I couldn’t add anything more. They behave like 5 -6 year old retards.

  3. Several conservative radio talk show recently played the 2-minutes of Hate Trump Speech from TV cable commentators on CNN & MSNBC. It was the ugliest two minutes of speech I have ever had to listen to. The spiritual warfare in in full force – Satan doesn’t want to loose his grip on America.

  4. No doubt the fakestream media will be slathering us with false polls that the democrats are winning, or have won, here and there. Just like they did for hillary, it won’t be true. We are MAGAble against these obamanables.

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