The Wonder of Autumn

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Jambo, everybody, Mr. Nature here! And for this safari, all I’ve got to do is look out the window.

I could have sworn that on Friday the leaves of all these maple trees were green; but on Saturday morning, they were all gold. Which means they turned overnight? How did they do that? I mean, hey, that was really fast! (My wife says yes, they were still green on Friday: she noticed, too.)

I could look up and study the natural processes by which green maple leaves turn to gold; but I think I’d rather just marvel at it. Come on, now–the leaves turned color overnight! Is that cool?

This is Mr. Nature, loving God’s stuff.

3 comments on “The Wonder of Autumn

  1. Yes, it really is marvelous. I watched the evergreen forest across the highway, and the Larch trees among them suddenly turning to gold, which paints a gorgeous scene from our front windows.

  2. This is when God allows His glory to REALLY be on display, and when we must say “You are an AWESOME GOD” to Him! Spring is beautiful, but in Autumn, the leaves themselves glow in the sunlight in magnificent glory!!!

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