‘This Just In (Some Very Hot News Flashes)’ (2015)

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This little blog scooped all the Big Media on these red-hot news stories, three years ago. In fact, the Big Media have yet to catch up.


How distressing it is to think we had John Kerry as our secretary of state, and almost had him as our president.

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  1. It’s scary how fluid the definition of “news” has become. I’ve seen some real whoppers put out there as news.

    1. What I don’t understand is why so many people continue to support the mainstream media by tuning in. If we ignored them, their numbe of viewers would dwindle and they would not be able to sell enough advertising to stay in business.

  2. Sooner or later they will have to pay the piper. Of course, our archenemy, Satan, is more than glad to promote them at any cost.

  3. It appears, from a cursory research, that the State Department’s Secretaries were mostly democrats, which explains the total and complete corruption. Kerry, Hillary, Powell. While many ‘liked’ Powell, he did sit -down at table with Arafat and praise him. The Saudis have their own suite of room inside the State Dept. building and are often called upon for advice. Advice?!! I remember during one of the Bush’s reigns many American mothers were begging the State to bring back their children, who were ‘kidnapped’ by their muslim fathers and taken to muslim countries. In every case, the State Dept refused to help, when in fact, they were the only agency that had the power to help. While Secty of State, hillary, wearing a headscarf, kneeled at Arafat’s grave. As potential presidents, several times we dodged a bullet with Kerry, Hillary, Gore, and what’s his name, the Mormon republican with his own version of obamacare, who ran against obama (even though we got someone even worse).

    1. The State Dept. has for decades been infested with rogues, who view any president as temporary and pursue their own agenda. Looks like that’s now the case with the Justice Dept. and the IRS, too.
      Let’s hope President Trump can find a way to run them out of town.

  4. I guess we have “dodged the bullet” a number of times, but never a cause to relax our vigilence. They are hiding behind their slimy rocks, waiting to pounce the moment we get careless.

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