Nooze Media Chicanery: MSNBC Calls Election–Before the Vote

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“We don’t need no stinkin’ election!”

Well, here we go with the “news” media trying to be players affecting the outcome of the election–in this case, MSNBC “reporting” the result of the Florida gubernatorial election… the night before Election Day (

The fake news giant reported that the Democrat won the election “with 99% of the vote counted”–when, of course, the polls had yet to open and none of the vote had yet been counted. The lame excuse was “our system had inadvertently populated some test numbers.” Aren’t you glad they cleared that up? Like it could happen to anyone.

In that the media repeatedly and purposely emit falsehoods in a blatant attempt to deceive the voters and swing the election to their Democrat masters, President Trump does not exaggerate in calling the media an enemy of the people.

They’re certainly not our friends.

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  1. Lee just to thank all for the prayers. I was stuck in the house for 4 days as I have stairs to the front door. Have know been out 2 days in a row.

  2. Need to tell before votes tallied: I’ve been voting at the same station for over 30 years – before work, lunchtime, after work, and in between. Today, for the first time, a second station opened up across the street from it. I’ve voted at different times over the years – before work, lunchtime, after work, before closing. The smallest lines were usually 5 to 20 voters. The longest lines were only about 100 or so. Today, for the first time ever, there were lines outside, to the corners and around the corners. Also a first ever was seeing a couple black people wearing republican “Vote for [name]” for Governor” t-shirts, handing out republican brochures. After we voted a friend of mine and I went to the corners and did some exit polling. The average margins was 7 to 8 republican votes for every dem vote. A friend of mine who was also doing exit polling, called and said he was surprised that so many voters voted republican compared to the few who said (admitted?) they voted democrat. Another thing I notice that the majority of people in the booth itself came out after just seconds, leading me to believe they voted straight ticket. When I got home I turned on TV news, muted, and saw democrat attack ads every 5 minutes and horrid lies about President Trump. Every 10 to 15 minutes I saw ads by republican candidate for governor who never once attacked anyone, but merely stated his position and what he has already done for the city, which I never even knew about. While I cherish the moment, I’m still half expecting the ruling party and the media to call it for the democrats and confirm our suspicions that the dems executed their usual ritual of voter fraud & election fraud – illegals voting, felons & the dead voting, rigging, intimidation at the polls… As soon as I got on the internet just now, I unmuted the TV and heard the media saying the democrat governor won re-election. Again, before results are even in!

    1. PS: An armed Antifa mob was supposed to be in my city, with the support of the democrats, and well as in other cities around the country, to riot and cause chaos. As of this moment, there’s no news about them being here, or anywhere else. My neighborhood is quiet and I live a couple blocks from where antifa would have been. ???

    2. Kelleigh Nelson wrote: “Antifa is planning a November 4th, 2018 Communist Revolution throughout America almost exactly 100 years after the Bolshevik Revolution that took Russia out of the frying pan of Tsarist rule and into the fire of communist totalitarianism.” at

      I then tried to find confirmation of this and found another article in which was written “An armed Antifa plans to storm ************ [my city] on Election Day.” I received a reply from someone saying they heard about this and would I provide the article where i read it. I did, together with the link, but now i’m still looking for it and will get back to you as soon as I find it. In a CitizenGO petition I signed that was sent to my representative, I asked about Antifa within the “comment” block of the petition. When he responded, he wrote about “diversity” and immigrants, completely irrelevant and deliberately dodging the question. I can send you a copy of it, but it doesn’t refer to my question, and since you don’t know me personally, I can imagine what you might think. Yes, i’m a conspiracy theorist, but an active one who goes to great lengths to prove the “conspiracy” before I talk about it. Nevertheless, i’ve shared that article several times but don’t remember the date, but as I said, i’ll it to give it to you as soon as I find it. So sorry for the delay.

    3. It would be hard to think of anything more corrupt than our nooze media.
      And of course we must expect rampant fraud in any district where Democrats hold power. That’s how they keep their hold on it.
      All those attack ads must have cost a lot of money. Wouldn’t it be great if they’d wasted it?

  3. What a night. Dems did take the house, but we still hold the Senate and the Senate confirms judges. I’d rather lose the House than the Senate. Overall the GOP did really well. Some note worthy winners were Texas and Florida, which went to the Republicans. As it currently stands, Georgia is going red too. The blue wave did not materialize. Next fight, 2020.

    1. True, but realistically we can’t expect to win every time. We have to take solace in our victories. In the end my hope is not in politics, it’s in God. Only a spiritual awakening is going to turn this country around.

    2. Now that I’ve heard several libs bewailing the outcome, I feel a lot better about the election. Anything that makes Democrats unhappy is good for the country.

    3. It’s extremely unfortunate that the dems “won” the House. The House is where the budgets are schemed. And because there are still too many RINOS in the Senate, the Senate can be expected to go along with the democratic House. Not good enough, Americans! One step forward and one step backwards puts us right where we were – in a very bad place for our country, and for our future. We know for a fact, as the democrats told us in their own words, there will be rigging, voter fraud, illegals voting illegally, election fraud, and ballot fraud. We’ll see if there are recounts. We already know that in several cities, voters complained about their votes being switched.

    4. Meanwhile, I’ve had my own mood lightened by listening to Democrats complain about the failure of the Blue Wave to sweep the Republicans out of the Senate.
      We both have misgivings about the Senate Republicans, but at least they came through for Kavanagh.

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