‘British TV’s War on Christians’ (2013)

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Sometimes what I see on British TV truly shocks me. Nothing’s changed since 2013–if anything, it’s gotten worse.


What happened to this country–birthplace of St. Patrick, home of King Arthur, cradle of saints? It’s no longer at all unusual to see real, venom-spitting hatred directed against the straw-man “Christian” characters in British television dramas. And you never see any other character question it. It’s like, hey, hating “Christians” is good!

What do these human spitting cobras have to offer, to replace forgiveness of sins and eternal life? If we give up Jesus Christ Our Savior, what will they give us in return?

This is a dark age in which to live. O Jesus Our Lord, be thou our light. Light of the World, please light our way.

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  1. We like “Father Brown” even though at times he gets portrayed as a bit on the naive side of things.

    Speaking of Christmas. I went walking in our large indoor mall today and it is already decorated for Christmas – even the Angel Tree is set up. I encountered one of the janitors I have befriended and heartily greeted him with “Merry Christmas!” I came home and asked my wife if I should get our Christmas tree down from the attic since Christmas commercials are already being run on commercial television stations.

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