My Newswithviews Column, Nov. 8 (‘When “Smart” Means Stupid’)

I really didn’t want to write about the election; but now that I’ve heard some liberals howling disconsolately over the Democrats’ failure to steal the Senate, I feel quite a bit better about it.

Anyway, the topic of the ungodly trying to become our gods is more important than elections.

Remember: when they say “smart,” they mean smart for them, not for us.

6 comments on “My Newswithviews Column, Nov. 8 (‘When “Smart” Means Stupid’)

  1. Excellent article. I read it, shared it, and quoted your last line on Twitter. Those who voted for Menendez and Ellison have the brains of an amoeba. And Scott Walked ceded before the military ballots came in. Remembering “Where’s Waldo” I’d say “Where’s Smart” to a page that doesn’t even have one.

  2. PS: Twitter won’t let me tweet on Conservative Firing Line. Don’t they know we can’t be too far right at this time?

  3. I have read your NWV article, and am in full agreement. I speak of these things to everyone who will listen.

  4. Right on, Lee! Didn’t the failure of the Soviet Union’s and Mao’s planned economies teach our so-called smart people anything? As George Gilder teaches, Capitalism is based on the surprise of new knowledge. You can’t plan for innovation. For innovation to happen there has to be that pesky thing called freedom.

  5. The founders of the U.S. were truly smart. They realized that rights were not there’s to give or take, but were instead God given. Without that recognition, it is impossible to act wisely. It’s not up to any human to “balance rights”.

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