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My Newswithviews Column, Nov. 8 (‘When “Smart” Means Stupid’)

I really didn’t want to write about the election; but now that I’ve heard some liberals howling disconsolately over the Democrats’ failure to steal the Senate, I feel quite a bit better about it.

Anyway, the topic of the ungodly trying to become our gods is more important than elections.


Remember: when they say “smart,” they mean smart for them, not for us.

‘Smart City’–You Sure You Want to Live There?

Image result for images of big brother watching you

Be very, very afraid whenever a liberal pitches anything to you as “smart.” Take it in the sense of “Ow, that smarts!”

Up in liberal Toronto, a top expert has resigned from the management team of a Google-operated “smart city,” part of a bigger project called “Sidewalk Labs” focused on “Sidewalk Toronto,” blah-blah (https://www.engadget.com/2018/10/26/sidewalk-labs-ann-cavoukian-smart-city/).

Why did the expert resign? Because she was very worried that all this “smart city” tommyrot would totally destroy the residents’ privacy. She wanted the data collected from the residents to be made anonymous at the source, but the deciders wouldn’t play ball.

See, they’re busy “balancing the rights–” in Canada some government fat-head is always “balancing rights,” one group’s against another’s, and deciding who wins–“of citizens with the access required–” access to your personal data, boys ‘n’ girls–“to create smarter, more efficient, environmentally friendly living spaces.”

It’s getting so “smart” means “stupid.”

Environmentally friendly, my ass. Have you seen what liberals do to a town, once they sink their fangs into it? Come on over to my hometown sometime and view the wreckage. If any living thing survives their ministrations, it won’t be because they didn’t try to wipe it out. You should’ve seen the glorious beauty of a field of wild tulips that sprang up on Inn Place–totally wiped out. They hunt down beauty like its very existence is a grief to them.

It’s so very sad to see ignorant people’s faces light up when they hear the liberal sales pitch. “Give us your freedom! We’ll take such good care of it!”

It’s both dangerous and burdensome to serve false gods.

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