Bonus Video: Dueling Dinosaurs

This clip has two of my favorite dinosaurs in it, Stegosaurus and Ceratosaurus. All you have to do is ignore the apparent suicidal stupidity of the Ceratosaurus in attacking two adult Stegosaurs. You might want to ignore the pipe-stem necks, too.

I’ve got a feeling you could find some of these in Obann, if you knew where to look.

5 comments on “Bonus Video: Dueling Dinosaurs

  1. The Stegosaurus is the state dinosaur of my home state of Colorado. I have seen fossilized Stegosaurus footprints within a few mile of my former home and don’t find it hard to imagine that Stegosaurs lived in the area, sometime before my home was built. If one stops to contemplate it all, just imagine what it must have been like when those massive creatures lived there, went about their business and lived the daily drama of their lives, probably right in sight of where my home was located.

    Like yourself, Lee, I believe in the Restitution of all Things and marvel at the prospect of seeing these amazing creatures returned to the land of the living.

    1. It seems most videos would have you believe dinosaurs went around attacking each other on sight, just as if they lived in Chicago or some other urban paradise ruled by Democrats. No wonder they’re extinct.

    2. I agree. The computer graphics nowadays are pretty amazing! As long as the dinosaurs are in Jurassic Park, then all’s well. I can’t afford a T-Rex in my back yard.

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