Hard-Boiled Rats

Don’t worry, it’s not one of Violet Crepuscular’s recipes. It’s just somebody’s three pet rats trying to tackle a hard-boiled egg. Note how they frequently appeal to the stupid human with the camera, who finally gets the idea and helps them.

We’ve had pet rats, and they make wonderful pets. Quite affectionate, and very, very smart! Although our two girl rats were siblings, so every time you turned out the light for bedtime, they would fight: thump-thumpety-thump-SQUEEEEEEEK!!! Then you put the light back on and they’re just standing around looking innocent.

Just like our freakin’ cats.

2 comments on “Hard-Boiled Rats

  1. That was good. Things sure picked up the pace when the human cracked the eggshell for them.

    They are obviously clever creatures.

  2. I like hard-boiled eggs. They taste good. The egg in the video looked pretty tasty! 😋
    The rats didn’t seem to be the sharing kind. I think rats are cute. Well, not the big ones.

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