‘To Believe or Not to Believe’ (2014)

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Our “light dusting” of snow yesterday turned into four or five inches, and with record low temperatures across the Deep South–well, you don’t think that’s going to shake any pagan’s belief in Global Warming/Climbit Change, do you?


Really, it’s just too good a gig to give up, and part of the Open Borders/Climate Change/Transgender De Luxe Fun-Pack on sale at Democrats “R” Us, world-wide. Saving The Planet is the unbeatable excuse for every brutal insanity the wannabe masters of the world can think of–

So they don’t wanna hear it’s cold outside!

4 comments on “‘To Believe or Not to Believe’ (2014)

  1. Now, now, Lee … didn’t you know that extreme cold and heavy snow also prove global warming? It’s because of … because of the … uh … well, don’t you know it’s not just global warming but climate change? That means … uh … that means … it means oh shut up you racist-sexist-homophobic-transphobic-xenophobic climate-denying hater.

    I’m getting pretty good at this leftist lingo, huh?

  2. “…they don’t wanna hear it’s cold outside!” And they don’t care if the sun doesn’t come out tomorrow. Whatever pushes their money-making global warming scheme. I heard that the UN now wants $12 million go prevent every catastrophe that can’t be prevented; to control climate change that can’t be controlled – yet, as they seem to be moving forward with geoengineering at a rapid pace. And China owns most of the weather modification patents going back to the 50’s. I’ve noticed that China’s global headway always occurs under the radar of muslim distraction.

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