‘Coming Soon to Your Local School: Meatless Monday’ (2014)

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Works great, if you’re a caterpillar

See, this is why I keep telling you not to let Democrats get back into power, ever–because they’re liberals, they’re leftids, and they just can’t keep their hot little hands off even the most minute nuances of other people’s lives.

Like this effort, courtesy of the Obama administration, to turn America’s children into vegetarians. Like it was any of their business!


Believe it, folks–with liberals/Democrats in power, nothing is safe. There truly is no aspect of your life that they don’t want to interfere with.

We must start working now to crush them in the 2020 election.

And to everyone who voted for one of these varmints this year–shame on you!

5 comments on “‘Coming Soon to Your Local School: Meatless Monday’ (2014)

  1. Didn’t the last administration work to reduce school lunches to a mere snack of politically correct foods? When I went to school, they wanted us to have nutritious meals.

    1. When I went, they just kept their cotton-pickin’ hands off our lunches, period. You could buy lunch if you wanted to, or you could eat whatever your mother packed for you that day. Addlepate “educators” didn’t presume to tell parents what their kids ought to eat or not eat.
      How this nation ever became so timorous and servile… beats me!

    2. That’s one of the things I find amazing; this country stood up to British to gain its independence, fought to end slavery and defeated the Nazis, but has walked away from its freedoms without so much as a fight.

    3. Hard to believe that once upon a time, and not so long ago, the American general at Bastogne, surrounded and heavily outnumbered by the German Wehrmacht, replied in one word to their demand that he surrender: “Nuts!”

    4. I was thinking about that just within the last day or so. We used to have swagger.

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