‘A Message from Sauron’ (2015)

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The bad guys today are so confident of victory, they don’t even try to pretend to be good guys anymore. They’re right out there where we can see them. For instance:


Their cunning plan is to transform the whole world into a boiling hell-hole with themselves ruling it like maharajahs.

Wise up, O men of God.

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  1. It’s not that “bad guys” no longer pretend to be “good guys.” The fact is that “bad guys” have always considered themselves to BE “good guys” and vice versa. They see Christianity as destructive to THEIR “master,” and they’re right. Nobody gets up in the morning with the idea that they are the black hats. Sadly, the idea of bad vs. good only works when the culture recognizes that there is such a dichotomy. Today, the definition is more a matter of what is desired as opposed to what is not desired.

    1. It’s true that the Far Left Crazy think themselves to be in the right about everything; but in the past, they always tried to present themselves as being more like us than they really were.

    2. That was a strategy. At that time, our enemies knew that most Americans were on the other side even if they were wrong, so, as did the wolf, they clothed themselves in the rhetoric of Christian thought until they became strong enough to reject Christian morality utterly.

    3. That’s a good observation. Some of the most notorious characters in history saw themselves as saviors of the masses and never understood how destructive their ideas actually were.

  2. “Man, proud man, casts such hopes to heaven that make the angels weep.” Phase 1 is complete – they’ve amassed their army of useful disciples. Now they keep them faithfully energized by inciting them into action. Phase II – “in your face.”

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