Cardinal Burke Slams Globalists’ ‘Evil Agenda’

Cardinal Raymond Burke is no fan of “the new normal” and “the Great Re-Set.” Listen to this 17-minute homily he delivered a few days ago at the shrine of Our Lady of Gaudalupe in LaCrosse,. Wisconsin. This is a warrior for the universal Church, which embraces all Christians: hear him.

The Cardinal denounces the use of the Wuhan Virus to advance an “evil agenda… an ideology totally opposed to the Christian foundation… We are now the subjects of a ‘Great Re-Set” based on “manipulation by ignorance and fear.”

He translates it into Spanish, having delivered his message in English.

I happened to notice only one person in the pews wearing a face mask. Go ahead, fascists, I dare ya–go in there and try to silence Cardinal Burke. This is the guy who wouldn’t let abortion-loving politicians take communion in the churches under his jurisdiction: wouldn’t let them through the door.

We need more like him, and we need them now.

‘A Message from Sauron’ (2015)

Image result for images of orcs

The bad guys today are so confident of victory, they don’t even try to pretend to be good guys anymore. They’re right out there where we can see them. For instance:

Their cunning plan is to transform the whole world into a boiling hell-hole with themselves ruling it like maharajahs.

Wise up, O men of God.