‘Underestimating the Power of God’

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This is a recent Chalcedon blog post by our president, Mark Rushdoony, and it would be hard to say it better than he does: “Evil will self-destruct, not triumph, and the Kingdom of God will fill the earth.”


Don’t you love the way the Sadducees, in Luke 20:28-33, tried to trap Christ with a smart-aleck Charlie High School question about seven brothers who each in turn had the same wife: and which of them would have her in the resurrection? But Jesus taught them that their question was only made possible by their altogether faulty notion of God.

This is why we have to walk by faith and not by sight.

And no one ever said it would be easy.

4 comments on “‘Underestimating the Power of God’

  1. There are some fine, faith-building thoughts in that piece.

    In my opinion, the burgeoning of evil in our recent past is no accident, it is part of God’s purpose. The Bible often talks about separating work and as it becomes more and more obvious just how evil things can become it may well help people to see the need to turn to God.

  2. Yes, and one of the biggest stumbling blocks for humans is their failure to really see the truth of God’s complete sovereignty. They are deceived into believing they have more personal power than they really do. No accountability, no reason to change.

  3. I am so thankful for Mark Rushdoony. So often when a leader like R. J. Rushdoony dies so does their ministry, but Mark has stepped in to continue it and is doing an amazing work. Many (including me) were doubtful he was up to the job. May our Lord continue to bless him in this endeavor.

    An aside: Didn’t Jesus say His yoke is easy and His burden light? When I read how much Christians throughout history, and even today, suffer for their faith, I think I have it easy in comparison.

    1. It’s the burden that we *don’t* have to carry that makes our yoke light: we don’t have to **earn** our salvation. Imagine you needed 500 good works to get into Heaven, and on your deathbed you discover you only managed 499…

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