Bonus Video: Frankenstein Bloopers

We love Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein; and like most people, we never noticed these bloopers. Too busy laughing!

5 comments on “Bonus Video: Frankenstein Bloopers

  1. we watched that one, and I didn’t notice any bloopers, either. They talk too fast and loud for me to catch a lot of stuff.

    1. Erlene, I mailed your book today. Sorry for the delay–I’ve been pushing myself very hard to finish “His Mercy Endureth Forever,” and everything else has kind of piled up on me.

  2. Oh, not to worry. I’m not dying here. I know many of the things you have been concerned with, and it will be just as great when it does arrive, and thank you for the contest and for the great gifts. Love to you and Patty; still praying.

  3. That critic is too picky for my tastes.

    The hardest I ever laughed was at a small family reunion when we watched Red Skelton video of him doing his act at the Albert Hall in England performing for the Queen – what a triple hoot!!!

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