Ice Frolics–for Cat and Chickens

You don’t have to be human to enjoy a frozen pond. Here’s a cat and a bunch of chickens making the most of it. Gee, it’s like a scene in a Freddy the Pig book: Walter R. Brooks, call your office.

Note the chicken standing around on one foot, just to show off. They do that to get the cat’s goat.

8 comments on “Ice Frolics–for Cat and Chickens

  1. I kept waiting for the cat to fall through the ice (and then maybe being recused by the chickens 🙂 ).

    On Mike Rowe’s “Somebody’s Gotta Do It” show recently he went to Chicago’s Lake Michigan where he was trained by a special ops group to rescue people who fall through the ice. Every year they rescue about 250 people!

    1. A friend of mine fell through the ice once. He raised his hand and said, “Hey, fellas, I gotta tell ya something–” and then the ice broke.
      He was going to tell us he thought the ice might be a bit thin, thereabouts.

    2. If that wasn’t a story with such serious potential ramifications, it would be world class hilarious. 🙂

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