We dont Need No thanks-Giving!

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O man! i was sposed to rite this yeasterday but i fergot to “do” it “Becose” i was “so” busy getting reddy “for” stopid thanksgiving and then thay toled me i misssed it! Becose thanksgivving was Wensday not twoday!!!

Wel that it maid me “reely” Mad!! butt so waht! Thare isnt nothing to “be” Thankfull four annyhow axept for bein a Interllectural hear at Collidge insted of ordrinary dum peple!!! So i amb “thankfull” for bein Mutch Smarter then them ordrinary dum peple and stopid christins and thay shuld “be” thankfull fore Us!!! becose we “are” so Smart!!!!

So me “and” sum Others on the Stodent Soviet wee got Togithar to sing “hims” to Pressadint Obamma and “thank” him for makin the See-levvles go “Down” befor thay sunk Ohyo and runed our Campas!!

I didnt “get” no Turky thohgh becose it al got eat up befor i got some so al I hadd to eet was a Hankerchiff but it was OK wen i put “some” Mapple Seerip on it!!

‘Standing on the Shoulders of Others’

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Mark Rushdoony wrote this last year for our Chalcedon blog.


It’s good to be reminded of what our fellow servants in Christ’s Kingdom have achieved, and how their work has benefited us in so many ways. It’s good to be reminded that we are not alone: among the wonderful gifts that God has given us, we must include… each other.

I’m thankful for all of you who come here, daily, to read and comment. We are a valuable resource for one another. Thank you all, so much, for your prayers and your encouragement.

Love Endures

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It feels so strange, not to be going to a family gathering for Thanksgiving for the first time in my life.

A few years ago, Aunt Joan and I tried to figure out what was the largest number of people we ever had at her house for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Depending on assorted variables, it came out to seventeen or eighteen. I’m not quite sure how we all fit into the living room, let alone around the table. But we did.

Now, most of us are either dead or else have moved too far away to get together. This was our family, people who loved each other. And the thing about it is, that love is still there: I still feel it. Maybe even more intensely than I did when we were all still there and could take each other for granted, sort of: an ordinary human failing. But the love endures.

As a tribute, let me publish our list: my mother and father, sister and brother, and Patty and me; Aunt Joan, Aunt Millie, Aunt Gertie; Aunt Florence and my cousins, Joanne and Christopher, and Chris’ wife, Marlene; Grammie, Uncle Bernie, and John; Barbara, a forever family friend; and my brother-in-law, Ray. In a sense that’s very hard to describe, they’re all still here, still loving, still loved. Because love endures. I think I love them even more today.

In Christ’s Kingdom we will gather again; and that will be a merry meeting.

‘The Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly Video’ (2015)

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This Thanksgiving Day–Global Warming Alert!!!–is shaping up to be the coldest ever, with temperatures only in the 20s. Up in New York City, they’re saying it might be hard to carry out the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, on account of high winds that might play havoc with the big balloons.

All in all, an ideal time for a little peek back into summer.


These last two summers, by the way, were very gentle–none of those dreadful heat waves, ten days in a row with temperatures in the 90s or worse.

“Climate science” is our stuff, and it’s crap.

The tiger swallowtail is God’s stuff, and it’s wonderful.

For Thanksgiving: ‘We Gather Together’

I can’t imagine Thanksgiving without this beautiful old Dutch hymn, We Gather Together. Would you believe we used to sing this in school? Almost inconceivable nowadays, isn’t it? Oh, how much we’ve lost through foolishness!

We’re Open Tomorrow (plus Prayer Request)

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Usually we’re not home on Thanksgiving; but this year we will be, and I hope some of you will visit us via this blog. I’ll try to provide fun stuff for you to read–but no nooze reports. Just Patty and me and our two cats.

I pray that no one else I know will so far succumb to anxiety about the future, that the needs of the present go unaddressed. If this sounds a little cryptic, I’m afraid I can’t help it: I have not been asked to make this prayer request. I must make it privately and ask for your “Amen,” trusting in the Lord to understand: in Jesus’ name, Amen.

‘Come, Ye Thankful People, Come’

This is another hymn now inseparable from our Thanksgiving holiday–Come, Ye Thankful People, Come. Listen to the lyrics: Biblical allusions abound.

Sung by the choir and congregation at St. George’s Church, Windsor–but whether Windsor, England, or Windsor, Canada, I’m unable to discover.