Kitten Stampede

When we first brought our two kittens Buster and Missy into our home, it wasn’t long before I found myself asking, “Are you sure there’s only two of them?” Because, holy moly, can kittens move!

The maker of this video had seven kittens to work with instead of two. He is reportedly on the long road to recovery.

7 comments on “Kitten Stampede

  1. Did you know if you took a house cat that gave birth to a normal litter, and every one of them produced a normal litter, and all of them, etc., that after three years you would have over 30 million cats!

    1. There was a lady in my home town . . . 🙂

      Lots of energy and lots of fun. I can enjoy a good comedian, but God has some fun entertainment on tap, too.

    2. Didja hear about the mouse that tried to escape from a cat by climbing a tree? 🙂

      They don’t actually have to tell jokes in order to get a laugh.

  2. Good one. I often think cats are telling jokes from watching them talk to one another, and then watching the rolling on the floor, and waving the “arms” wildly.

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