We dont Need No thanks-Giving!

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O man! i was sposed to rite this yeasterday but i fergot to “do” it “Becose” i was “so” busy getting reddy “for” stopid thanksgiving and then thay toled me i misssed it! Becose thanksgivving was Wensday not twoday!!!

Wel that it maid me “reely” Mad!! butt so waht! Thare isnt nothing to “be” Thankfull four annyhow axept for bein a Interllectural hear at Collidge insted of ordrinary dum peple!!! So i amb “thankfull” for bein Mutch Smarter then them ordrinary dum peple and stopid christins and thay shuld “be” thankfull fore Us!!! becose we “are” so Smart!!!!

So me “and” sum Others on the Stodent Soviet wee got Togithar to sing “hims” to Pressadint Obamma and “thank” him for makin the See-levvles go “Down” befor thay sunk Ohyo and runed our Campas!!

I didnt “get” no Turky thohgh becose it al got eat up befor i got some so al I hadd to eet was a Hankerchiff but it was OK wen i put “some” Mapple Seerip on it!!

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    1. It depends on whether the socks and handkerchiefs were Fair Trade produced — and whether they were manufactured by means of fossil fuels or Sustainable Energy. (Ignore the birds slaughtered by the windmills, or we’re back to dead birds again.)

  1. Joe Coolige is a perfect example of young people thinking they are intelligent because of their campus surroundings. If the school can claim a couple of recognized scientists or literary successes, then by identity appropriation the students are smart also. It doesn’t matter they haven’t figured out their whole Humanities road map to a degree is nothing more than a exploitative expense consumed mostly of hot air.

    1. If they actually did study the Humanities any more, they’d be in better shape. They’d know something about logic, rhetoric, history, the human condition, and “the best that has been thought and said,” to paraphrase Matthew Arnold. As it is, all they deal with now are the faculty-approved emotions and victimology. And note that I said “deal with” rather than “learn” or “know.” They don’t learn anything or know anything. They just get indoctrinated and react to stimuli.

      I might add that up until about the 1980s, Humanities majors were in great demand for positions in personnel and office management (not to mention editing, writing, and research), because these majors knew how to read and write and how to deal with complex human interactions. Alas, no more.

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