Kittens vs. Mirrors

Certain people make love to their reflections in a mirror. But cats make war.

Walkin’ sideways, arched back, puffy tail–the works! Anything to intimidate that other cat!

I think cats would be disappointed if they ever found out what a reflection really is.

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3 responses to “Kittens vs. Mirrors

  • Erlene Talbott

    This is always amusing. I have had a lot of cats do this, and they usually
    try to look behind the mirror if they have access.


  • Unknowable

    “Harmless as a kitten” is pretty hard to refute, but that doesn’t stop kittens from trying to look as fierce as possible when they see their reflections in a mirror. Strangely, no matter how scary they make themselves, that “other kitten” makes itself just as scary and matches them, move for move.

    My cat seems to be the exception to all of this. She sees her image in a mirror, but seems to have figured out that it’s actually herself. She has never tried to intimidate the “kitty in the mirror”, at least that I’ve seen.


  • Phoebe

    All my cats have quickly figured it out — except my current cat, Iggy, who seems never to have been taken in from the beginning. Or else he wasn’t particularly upset by seeing “the other cat.”

    Anyway, let’s face it: Kittens are cute no matter what they do. Sometimes it seems as though they deliberately put on these “cute” acts just to get humans to say “awwwww” and bring out the food treats. 🙂


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