Operatic Animals

It takes all kinds of critters to get a man the jitters–especially when they’re in full voice. Like, somebody’s pet gecko is a touch-me-not–and what was that fox trying to tell us?

When we used to have our vacations at the shore, there was a bird that came out late at night and made noises like a Friday the Thirteenth soundtrack. We never could find out what kind of bird it was.

It is said the town of Bismuth, Texas, has a Hereford bull that doubles as an auctioneer, but I don’t believe it.

3 comments on “Operatic Animals

  1. Amazing. I’m not so sure I could hang around too long with noise like
    this, but is really is interesting to see all the many voices. The gray and white cat sounds like a baby.

  2. Whenever I play 9ne of these videos, I end up in trouble with my feline roommate. 🙂 She does not like the sound of dogs and isn’t too crazy about the sound of other cats in her territory.

    That gecko was amazing. In some of the other cases, I think they just felt the need to express themselves. 🙂

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