Cats & Printers: The Revenge

Our two cats don’t have much interest in our printer. I’m afraid they’re not permitted to have much interest in it. But then we don’t have a fancy printer like the ones in this video.

What do you suppose it is that attracts cats to printers?

4 comments on “Cats & Printers: The Revenge

  1. I think it is just that cats are attracted to anything that moves, and some prefer noise with it, some are scared of the noise part, but can’t resist the movement. Hunting instinct, I guess.

  2. I’m with Erlene on this. I think that cats have an exceptionally strong hunting instinct and that they are essentially powerless over it. When something triggers that instinct, they will act.

    In a moment of foolishness and weakness, I forgot myself and moved my foot under the bedding, yesterday morning. I was rewarded with a perfectly executed attack, claws and all. I didn’t need coffee to help me wake up, yesterday morning. 🙂

    1. A friend of mine had a large iguana which he never bothered to tame–not a nice iguana like mine. One day he was showing off by holding the lizard up near his face and sticking his tongue out. He paid a high price for that! And I’m afraid I laughed myself dizzy.

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